The Tactical Tethered Balloon System 9 Апрель 2015, 06:26
TAGSS (Tactical Airborne Ground Surveillance System) and TAGSS-M (Micro) are small footprint tethered balloon system that can be deployed in as little as 30 minutes.Originally designed for military, police and first responders, the system also is ideal for universities that need to test experimental payloads. Long endurance and the ability to house multi-sensor payloads provide day-into-night operations for true persistent surveillance. The lightweight TASE 200 camera delievers high quality video to meet the needs of our defense and security customers. Operations and storage can be accomodated in the bed of a pickup truck or smaller trailer, and all
sensitive components are stored in a custom container.

TAGSS & TAGSS-M Specifications

Payload Capability: 5 lbs. + (based on balloon size)
Power: AC 110-220 or 12 volts DC battery
Endurance: 10 hours
Imagers: EO & 640 x 480 IR Stabilized
Radios: L-3 Bandit and L-3 Mini-CDL
Operating Altitudes: 1,000 ft. (TAGSS) 50-500ft. (TAGSS-M)


• Carbon fiber modular design
• 30 minute deployment time
• AC power up tether
• RF radio and fiber optics communications
for telemetry and video
• TASE gimbals
• Storage container that integrates all sensitive components into one case