The Lightweight Surveillance and Experimentation Platform 27 Март 2015, 16:41

Talon 120 is a rugged man-portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) that can be integrated into any situation within minutes. Originally designed for use by military, police and first responders this airframe also meets the needs of universities that require a platform for experimentation purposes. The modular nose payload section can house a standard EO/IR payload or any experimental payload up to 2 lbs. in weight. Equipped with a dual camera, Electro Optical and Thermal Imager Pan and Tilt stabilized gimbal, users can take advantage of both perspectives without the hassle of two separate camera systems.
● C2 and video communications combined on single encrypted digital data link
● Modular lightweight carbon fiber and kevlar design
● 5-10 minute deployment time
● Powerful motor configuration for payload/weight flexibility
● Combined stabilized color and thermal imager payload standard
● Hand, bungee or catapult launch; conventional belly landing recovery or option for parachute landing
● Fully autonomous system
● Modular battery compartment
● Storage container that integrates all system components into one case